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The Montessori Ethos

Children are treated with respect and are given freedom within a carefully planned environment. Children have time to develop at their own pace, allowing the child to absorb information with hands on experiences. In the Montessori classroom, children choose from a wide range of activities and experiences, working with each one for as long as they need to.  Many of the Montessori resources are sensorial based, designed for children to explore differences in: height, weight, colour, smell, texture and taste. Maria Montessori recognised that children have a natural willingness to learn and explore, and that the best way to learn was from self-motivation.

Key Info

  • We take children from 2 years of age up until they attend school.

  • We are open term times between the hours of 8.30am - 3pm.

  • Our fees are very reasonable at £4.50 / hour for children aged over 3 years and at £5/ hour for children aged 2 years old.

  • We accept 2, 3 and 4 year old funding, as
    well as the 30 hours funding and Tax-free
    childcare entitlements. 

    Go to childcarechoices.go.uk to find out
    more or download
    'Top Things Parents need to know...'


Our Aims

For children to have:


A good quality of care in a warm and safe environment, where caring and qualified teachers are there to safeguard them and give them the best possible start in their education.


Freedom in a structured environment.


The love of learning in a prepared environment to achieve their full potential.


We aim to:


Provide the best care and support to all children whatever their culture, race, language or religion.


Respect their urgings towards independence and the remarkable learning ability the child possesses at this stage of their development.


Provide a wide range of activities to support the child’s learning.


Use careful planning, recording and observation to fulfil all the needs of the children whilst in our care.


Encourage discovery through play.


Give support and information to parents as to the well-being of their child whilst in our care.


Work in partnership with parents, professionals and carers to be able to give the best care that we can.


Keep you informed and updated through communication by letter, notices and meetings. A member of staff will always be available to speak with you on a daily basis or through arranged times.


Commit to healthy eating and a healthy outlook.


Make sure that children are kept in a safe and healthy environment.


Give support to staff and enable them to attend training courses to further their potential.


Our commitment is to you and your children whilst in our care, where we aim to provide the environment which we feel is the best that we can achieve.


Parent Pack

For more information, including our policies, the daily routine and our history, please download our Parent Pack.

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