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Copying yoga moves with the yoga teacher

A trip to the beach

We enjoy visiting the beach to explore scientific concepts such as capacity and weight.

Practicing handwriting
Exploring Paints
Exploring shape and colour
Finger Painting
Exploring Paints
Bubble Fun!

Exploring Bubbles at the Christmas Party.

Messy Fun!
Exploring shape and colour
Dinosaur World

We take time to set up exciting and interesting experiences to engage the children.

Outdoor Learning

Using senses to explore mud.

Exploring size concepts

Using Montessori resources to explore the concept of size.

Post Office

Learning through real experiences.


Making Mother's Day gardens for our mummies.

Messy Fun!
Working Together

Working together outside.

Mixing Fun

A range of media ready for mixing to enable children to discuss texture and smell.

Duplo Tower

Building and balancing using construction.

Construction Fun!

Working together using large blocks to make enclosures.


Our nursery setting, based in a homely environment.


Exploring colour and mixing with paints.


Using real objects in play.

Interesting Items

A range of interesting items to explore and talk about.

Exploring shapes

Making an arrangement with shapes.

Watercolour Painting

Exploring different ways to paint.

Outdoor Fun!

Enjoying the trampoline.

Our Garden

Our lovely natural garden.

The Main Classroom

Lots of Montessori resources, as well as a range of other learning resources for children to pick out themselves.

Role Play

Interesting resources to inspire creative thinking.